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Limited Edition Prints
The color and antiquity of the Italian hill country, the land of my ancestors, has inspired me deeply. With watercolors, I find that I can capture my impressions quickly and always travel with a sketchbook and paints at hand. I prefer to work en plein air, adding finishing touches in my studio. For those who have traveled there, I hope that these limited edition prints bring back lovely memories. For those who have not, I hope they will entice you to visit.
Click for Centro Storico, Selci, Lazio

Centro Storico
Selci, Lazio
Click for Piazza Garibaldi, Cortona, Toscana

Piazza Garibaldi
Cortona, Toscana
Click for Certaldo Alto, Lazio

Certaldo Alto
Click for Certaldo Alto, Lazio

Certaldo Alto

Click an image for a view of the entire print with additional information

Click for Via Cavour, Mercatale, Toscana

Via Cavour
Mercatale, Toscana
Click for Sunset, Lastra a Signa, Toscana

Lastra a Signa, Toscana

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