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David YontzDavid Yontz, an award winning watercolorist, painted modern landscapes in old-fashioned settings. He mixed rustic charm with a keen eye for architecture, and set many of his paintings against a midnight sky. It is the night scenes David loved to paint, with the midnight blues and the smoky grays that dramatize early American buildings.

"People enjoy the nighttime scenes," Yontz said. "They look warm and inviting." But, "It's not easy to paint a night scene," he added. One of his most famous night scenes, "So Proudly We Hail, Fireworks Over Baker Park", was a particular challenge. "The problem came when I started to add the fireworks above the spires and buildings of Frederick." "I tried to control the paint too much," he said. "Finally , I wet the top of the paper, laid it flat, climbed on a ladder above the piece, and showered paint on it. I started bombarding it from the air," he exclaimed. "I let them explode!" "Now, that's what you call action painting." When I uncovered the city of Frederick, painted on the bottom of the paper, the whole town came alive!"

Yontz, a Frederick, Maryland native, shared his heritage with another native son of Frederick County, Francis Scott Key, author of "The Star Spangled Banner". Yontz was often commissioned to commemorate the individuals and history that played decisive roles in early America. One of his favorite commissions, Francis Scott Key Memorial, celebrated the centennial of the 1898 laying of the cornerstone to the Francis Scott Key monument in Frederick's Mount Olivet Cemetery. The monument is pictured "by the dawn's early light". In the background is the cemetery, with trees showing the first blush of spring. Off in the distance are the mountains that frame Frederick. The original painting is housed permanently in the cemetery's mausoleum.

Another favorite commission was a painting of the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. In addition, Yontz had done night scenes of the "Old South Mountain Inn", and a local historical house he has titled "Antietam Lights". The two restaurants are seen at night with glowing modern lights and modern additions, but the snow in each obliterates the parking lots, and cars are absent. "If I can avoid air conditioning and Lexuses, I do," Yontz stated. "I like the old rustic Americana look."

Yontz studied art at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Towson State University in Fine Arts and Visual Communication. David spent six years in New York City where "I custom-designed high style paintings for interior designers," he says. "I hated that so much, but the money was good. His home in Maryland called him back to Frederick where he married and started David Yontz Artworks to share his love for history and architecture.

David lived near Frederick, Maryland with his wife Vicki, and two daughters Vanessa and Lindsay, and looked forward each day to his primary focus of painting historical architecture.

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