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About Chet Dowell

Chet DowellAs long as he can remember, encounters with wildlife have always been special events in the life of nature photographer, Chet Dowell. He spent his early years in southern Colorado where there was an abundance of wild animals. Coyotes lived nearby and often sang down the sun. Jack rabbits and cotton tails were plentiful in the grasses and sage brush of the plains that rolled up to the base of nearby mesas. There were frequent sightings of scaled quail and, ring neck pheasants and in the fall of the year, the exhilarating calls of the passing v's of sandhill cranes in their timeless rites of migration.

Chet's stunning wildlife photos are a fitting testament to this early interest and to the inspiration that he receives from nature. He has traveled throughout much of the USA and into Canada on photographic quests and never tires of viewing and photographing wildlife.

His work, outstanding in its clarity and in its expression of the animals' essential natures, has brought a loyal following of private and public collectors. It is his hope that his photographs will encourage people to see and value the unique beauty of wild nature and to get involved in the work of preserving it.

Chet has recently begun to concentrate his photographic efforts toward capturing the beauty and mystery of America's wild places and he brings to this endeavor the same sense of wonder and respect that has informed his wildlife work. This new direction has already yielded some exciting landscape photos.

Chet earned a BA degree from the University of Colorado and an MA from New Mexico State University. He lives with his wife, Nellie, in West Virginia. Their daughter, Alisa, lives near Boulder, Colorado and their son, Michael, lives in Huntington, West Virginia.

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